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Frequently Asked Questions About Haptrix

Here you can find questions and answers about Core Haptics, Haptrix etc

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  • What is Haptrix?
    Haptrix is a collection of Apps and a website to help you create, share and discover Haptic Experiences
  • What are Core Haptics?
    Core Haptics is Apple's™ Haptic Vibration API, it allows you to vibrate the device to create a unique pattern, you can also play music at the same time.
  • What is the macOS App for?
    The macOS App allows you to design your Haptic Experience, you can pair it with the iOS App to test as you go. You can also upload directly to the website from the App.
  • What is the iOS App for?
    The iOS App allows you to feel the Haptic Experience, you can also browse other peoples creations here
  • What is the website for?
    You can search for Haptics, when you find one, you can open it directly in the iOS App and it will play
  • How do I contact you?
    You can email me at
  • What is an Audition?
    You may be working on a few different Haptics, or want to send a few Haptics to a client for them to pick one. With Audition, you can bundle up some Haptics and send the audition Code out. Using that audition code in the App loads just those Haptics so you can test super fast.
  • What are the images for?
    Haptics are something you experience by touch, it's difficult to give a sense of how it feels on a website. The two images are there to help. The first long image shows the overall parts of the Haptic and the second image tries to represent the feeling in an animation
  • Where can I get the Software?
    You can download the Apps on Apple's AppStore
  • I think I've found a bug?
    Oh! If you think you've found a bug, please add it to the GitHub Issues Page, or please send me an email:
  • Why do some Haptics have a donate button?
    Some users have a PayPal me link, if you like their creation, you can send them a monetary tip!
  • My Haptic has Audio, but I can't hear it!
    When this happens, Most of the time it's because the hardware silent mode button on your phone is on.