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Haptic Experiences

A collection of Videos using Haptrix

New Audio Tools for Haptrix

A video going over the new Beat Detection & AutoTrace features inside Haptrix

New Control Bar for Haptrix

The new control bar allows you to easily, zoom in & out, show/hide the Glyphs, Filter the type of events to show and sort the timeline

Importing & Sequencing Audio for Core Haptics with Haptrix

A quick demo showing how to import and sequence audio

Visualizing Events with Haptrix

Core Haptic events that overlap create a unique pattern, this video shows how the vibration looks

Audio Volume Curves with Haptrix

After importing some audio, we can add a Parameter Curve to adjust the Audio Volume of the associated audio.

Haptrix Microphone Demo

A demo put together with the iPhone near a speaker to try to hear the vibration of the device

Pairing the Haptrix iOS & macOS App

THe demo shows pairing of the devices

Haptrix macOS & iOS Demo

A video showing realtime editing of Core Haptics, and then experiencing the Haptic on the iOS Device.

Core Haptics - Envelopes

Core Haptics supports a ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain & Release) Envelope, this demo shows it off

Core Haptics Audio Controls

Demoing Audio Controls inside of Haptrix

Core Haptics Audio Parameters

Demoing Audio Parameters inside of Haptrix

Playing with Haptrix V1.0

Playing with version 1 of Haptrix, here for posterity.